Project Description

YMCA of South Palm Beach County

I have worked with YMCA associations for the past 7 years on their websites.  The YMCA of South Palm Beach is based in the Boca Raton, Florida area.  This YMCA is one of the first YMCAs I’ve worked with on the Open Y platform.  YMCAs face unique challenges online as a non-profit organizations, still responsible for their unique website and content.  With hundreds of programs and activities, exercise class schedules, child care services, camps – many times across multiple branches – the content needs of a YMCA can be large.

Working with their teams to better serve their existing members, inform prospective members and organize all of that content is an awesome challenge.  And the great thing is, you can measure the results.  It becomes a repeatable success.  The YMCA of South Palm Beach County was ready to take to fully take on the challenge of updating their old website to one of the fastest growing platforms for YMCAs online …

This YMCA is part of the Open Y movement.
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Graphic Design
Web Design
CMS Development
HTML / CSS / Javascript


Drupal 8
Carnation Theme
Google Ads


Technical Breakdown

This project consisted of migrating and editing the existing website and content.  Multiple staff members were involved in that content migration and editing.  Here are some of the highlights & features:

  • Drupal 8
  • Open Y Carnation Theme
  • Fully Responsive (Mobile-Friendly)
  • Custom HTML / CSS Styling
  • Program Registration (Daxko Integration)
  • Online Membership (Daxko Integration)
  • Group Exercise Schedules (Daxko Integration)
  • Giving / Donations (Daxko Integration)
  • Custom Webforms for Members (Private Swim Lessons, Referral Forms, etc)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Campaigns & Conversion Tracking *
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Google Cloud Hosting
  • Mailgun Email Notifications

This was a huge decision to not only upgrade their website, but to move it to a growing platform & community.  Remember, websites get old.  Spending money to upgrade every few years can get expensive.  This move now enables the YMCA of South Palm Beach to keep their website updated through an Open Source community and developer partners.  This is a huge advantage they now have with the new website … scalability.

Thank you to the team at YMCA of South Palm Beach County for being a seriously great team to work with.  We learned a lot together and they worked very hard on all of their content building.  They asked great questions and were open to best practices, as well as bringing their own ideas and recommendations to the process, which only makes for a better experience.  I’m excited for the possibilities and future of this platform, and working with a team that is motivated to make the entire movement better.

*I’m particularly excited to work with the team here to build out their Google Ads campaigns, utilizing the Google Grants program for non-profits online.  This is the kind of work that steps “beyond on the basics” into the real optimization that makes website not only look good, but perform well.  This work with Google Ads will be valuable to the entire movement, and I’m excited to work with a team willing to help pioneer a lot of the ground work together.

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